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Product Review: Schumacher Mi4CXL

Schumacher Mi4CXL Build / Review

The Schumacher Mi4CXL is Schumachers new 1/10th Competition Tourer 4WD Sedan. The car was released in late January of 2012. The build itself was very simple as the kit is packaged similar to all Schumacher products. This particular kit has 5 bags labelled A thru E and inside each of these there are packages for each step in the instructions that are labelled 1 through 50. It’s much more enjoyable building a car and not having to look around for the right screws, bolts, spacers and other small parts that can be tricky in some other kits.

The build starts with installing the transmission on a 2mm carbon fibre soft weave chassis. The tranmission can actually be flipped either left or right to balance your car better (This decision would be dependent on the weight of your electronics / battery.) In this review it was built having the transmission built on the left.

The Mi4CXL kit comes with a Ball Diff for the rear and a light weight spool for the front. Changing the belt tension or removing the diffs from this car is extremely easy. Once the top deck is off you only need to remove 2 screws to remove each diff. This makes access to your diffs very easy and it allows you to change the belt tension or diff height with little work.

A potential option part you may want is the Spec R Gear Diff for the Mi4CXL (G868). This is not required, but it is note worthy that the option is available to those you like gear diffs.

The top deck included with the Mi4CXL kit is designed for Asphalt. If you will be running your Mi4CXL on carpet it would be suggested to buy the Carpet Top deck. This runs around 25-30$ (U3914 C/F Top Deck Carpet – Mi4CXL).

The top deck is mounted fairly high on this car and is longer then the normal top deck in a racing sedan. This design was done to control the flex of the chassis. With the carpet top deck the Mi4CXL is very stiff, expecially considering the main chassis is only 2mm thick.

The Mi4CXL kit comes with a unique single pivot steering rack, gold turnbuckles and pre-assembled rear and front drive shafts. The front and rear shock towers are 3 mm thick carbon fibre. They both have multiple mounting holes.

The pivot blocks attach to the alloy transmission housing. This makes modifications to the rear toe and ride width of the car easy to modify. The front and rear arms come with droop screws as well.

The shocks in the kit are beautiful with Nickle-Teflon coated shock bodies and Ti-Nitride coated shock shafts. They are very simple to build.

The sway bars in the kit are mounted higher then Schumachers previous sedan. This was done to make the anti roll bars have a more linear response. These sway bars can be easily changed when doing setup changes as well.

The motor mount on the Mi4CXL is a very unique design with many advantages. It’s a ring that acts as a clamp to secure the motor in place. The motor can be removed from the vehicle by loosing 1 screw (The fact you can slide the motor easily from left to right also aids in balancing the car). The motor can slide from front to back by loosening 2 screws. The two screws remain attached to the rear transmission housing and slides back and forth.

The chassis has two mounting positions for the battery (10 mm forward or backwards). The chassis also has center balancing holes to check the balance of the car. Both of these can be helpful tuning items.

Special Thanks to Matt Stacy for this write up.

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