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Race Report: 2nd Annual Canadian Offroad RC Championships

DIsclaimer: This is a report from a racers perspective, results are un-official

Well the 2nd Annual Canadian Offroad RC Championships has come and gone. What a great weekend with lots of great RC Racing, laughs and sportsmanship all around. The race was once again held at Sutton Aviation Raceway in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They hit their entry limit of 300 with is spectacular and was the biggest offroad event ever held here in Ottawa.

Drivers from all over Canada, the US and even Europe attended. Lee Martin, Tom Cockerill, Scott Brown and Michael Schoettler were the big guns at this event and watching them race you can see why they are pros. More on that later.

As we all know any kind of RC event outdoors is always at the mercy of the mother nature. Well Sutton Aviation had that all under control with pits in the Airplane hanger and a huge permanent tent over the track and drivers stand it could of rained all it like and it wouldn’t of put a damper on the festivities.

The track was 130x70ft clay layout based on the 10th scale world championships with a few tweaks of their own. With what I would call a medium traction fast flowing track setups and tires seemed to be all over the place with no one manufacture having the edge. There were two go 3 go to tires depending on your abilities to stay with in the racing line. Jconcepts 3ds , Barcodes and AKA Vektors. Most racers seem to like the non closed cell insert with provided a little more grip.

As with most layouts there is always that one section that will make or break your lap. In this case it was a rhythm section just before the start finish line that had every one praying to the RC gods to just let me figure it out this one time! At the start of the weekend most were trying to either tripple in and double out or land on the step up and double out. Getting the timing just right was very tough and by the mains most were rolling in just to get through with out any incidents.

Does not look that hard right…Wrong it even messed with the pros

With 28 heats of racing and 6 different classes race director Micheal “The Zoof” Zufelt would have his hands full all weekend keeping things rolling. He did an amazing job keeping everyone in line and deserved all the praise he got.

The Zoof

On to the racing……

The man to beat in 2wd buggy and 4wd buggy was Tamiya Factory driver Lee Martin.
TQ’ing both classes. He seem to be on his own level and watching him fly through the rhythm section time after time brought a tear to my eye.

In 2wd he had a rough start putting him mid pack with Scott Schoettler taking point and Tom Cockerill following in behind. After the pack got settled Scott was able to pull away from Tom while Lee slowly worked his way through the pack making a few small mistakes in the rythem section Tom dropped back and Steve Bortolotti a Tamiya Canada driver from Toronto planted himself in 3rd and Lee into 2nd.
At mid point of the race it was all Scott’s race to lose. Lee was pushing hard at the end but it wasn’t enough with Scott taking the win, Lee in 2nd and Steve in third.

Scott, Lee and Steve podium pic

Once again Lee was the man to beat in 4wd and this time he defiantly showed it getting out to the early lead while the pack behind sorted themselves out. Tom Cockerill had another rough start casing the rhythm section and leaving him at the back of the pack. Pushing hard he made a mistake and hit one of the tent poles with a sickening ring we all got to know ending his 4wd race.
Lee ended up taking the win by a large margin with Scott Schoettler taking 2nd and ____ taking 3rd.

Scott Brown from Team Associated made the trip up from Tacoma Washinton to race 2wd Short Course and 4wd Short Course. He was TQ in both Classes and his 2wd Short Course was on rails.
In 2wd he took the early lead and never looked back. Leaving the field to battle it out for 2nd and 3rd. When the dust settled it was Scott taking the win,

4wd SC was a great race to watch. Scott made a small mistake on the rhythm section allowing Dave Henry a TLR driver to slot himself into the lead with Scott in toe. It was a great battle down to the end but you could see Scott was struggling a little with his truck while Dave’s Losi SCTE looked planted. Dave was able to go on and take the win over Scott Brown and Damien Lamey in 3rd. I was able to talk to both the guys after. Scott said his setup just wasn’t right for the track and it was a real handful so when he started pushing to catch Dave he was making small mistakes allowing Dave to slowly pull away. Dave Henry said his Losi SCTE was unbelievable and it showed.

Dave Henry 1st, Scott Brown TQ and 2nd, Damien Lamey 3rd

1/8th 1st Glover 2nd Chet 3rd Abie

For me the best part of racing is the social aspect. Getting to meet pros and other racers from across the globe was just awesome. During my first 2wd Short Course qualifier Scott Brown and I were waiting for our heat. Scott introduced himself and we had a small chat. The next day I was marshaling his heat and noticed his tranny was sounding a little rougher each lap and mentioned it to him. He had just rebuilt it but wasn’t able to get a hold of a idle gear. I was able to dig one up in my mess of parts and he was very gracious and said if I needed anything come see him. It just so happened that my next heat I bent a camber link and had no spares. I asked him if he had a spare and proceeded to hand me a full Titanium kit for the SC10. I only needed one but he was adamant that I take the whole package. It is this kind of generosity that makes me love the hobby more and more. Team Associated has picked the right guy to have promote their products in my opinion. Sadly not all pros are this accessible or this nice. That being said, Tom Cockerill, Lee Martin and Scott Schoettler were top notch and more then happy to help others with issues this weekend as were all the racers.

The weather was great, racing was awesome, Sutton Aviation and crew did a great job putting on the show and I look forward to next year.

Thank you to all the sponsers that made this possible. Dynamic Hobbies, Sutton Aviation, Schumacher, Tamiya, Jconcepts, Millar Brewery and Grace O’mailys for providing the beer!

Report by Pete Harrison aka Mudflap.

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