Oct 29

DT Crew does Rcexcitement


Well another big race come and gone, lots of mistakes made but lots learned.
On the Thursday before Thanksgiving, five of the biggest names in the Canadian RC scene headed down to RC Excitement located in Boston, Massachusetts. Kevin Tyler, Mitch Tyler, Kris Maunders, Jaune Gagne and myself were pumped to race some clay and just get away from it all.

Doors opened at 9am Friday morning for an all day practice and with news of 400 entries we wanted to get a built in pit spot as we had no tables. A little about RC excitement, the place has everything. Outdoor 1/8th off-road track, 1/10th indoor off-road, 1/10th indoor on-road, hobby shop and a massive crawler track out back that would make the Ottawa club drool.

After a quick setup of our pit space we proceeded with open practice and realized very quickly that the track was very tight and very technical. I mean probably the most technical offroad track I have driven on. There wasn’t one spot in the track where you could relax, at first I hated it but as I got used to the layout and the crazy double rhythm section things started to fall into place for all the guys. The setups we used were working and the tires we bought seemed right. That’s all I can ask with a big race as it leaves in your own hands whether you do well or not.

With the likes of Mayfield, Evans and the newly crowned 4wd champ Hartson in attendance we knew it was going to be very tough to be up front. Everything was very well setup with over 400 entries and only 300 or less expected things ran fairly smoothly. The big controversy of the weekend happened to KT and Gus as they went to sign up only to find out they were only getting one free t-shirts they were supposed to get two. Gagne and I got ours and too say we rubbed it in is an understatement.

Saturday morning came quick and furious with 57 heats it was going to be a long day. Qualification went well for most aside from me. With Gagne needing a good run in stock buggy he laid it down and qualified for the A-Main. Kevin put himself in the A as with his Short Course and Mitchy in the C in 4wd and the B in Short Course. Gus and I struggled to get the rythems down and it killed our quals, too bad but learned lots. The main I will never forget is Mitch’s C main 4wd Short course. He started mid pack and slowly starting picking guys off, lap after lap putting down great consistent laps. It all came down to the last lap he was just behind the leader going in to the rhythm section when he decided to let it all hang out.. He quad-ed it and then proceeded to huck the step up and land on top right beside the leader. He closed the door and pulled the trigger and took the win and the bump up. This kid is getting better every time we go away to these big races. He then went on to finish 3rd in the B main. Kevin finished 4th in his Short course main so close to a podium.

Since the boys were way up in the mains we got to watch and learn from the pros in the other mains. Every time I watch these guys I am still amazed at what they can do with these cars. The smallness of the place allowed us to mingle with the big guys and chat with them for a bit. Evans is a really nice guy and Gagne got to chat with him lots about the mid motor car. (Yes all the big wigs were running mid motor). I asked all of them about the worlds and they all said the same thing too much traction but it made for some great racing and allowed them to promote their sponsors mid motor cars.

We really had a great time with lots of stories and a great deal learned for the next big one. Motorama baby. Gotta redeem myself at this one.

A lot of racers are not a fan of going to the big races as they feel intimidated. I get that but you got to go sometime. It is a blast. Believe me I suck at these big races. Actually it was very frustrating watching mains that were after knowing that I could put down faster times but just wasn’t consistent.
So that is my plan from now on. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Oh and if you aren’t happy with your car sell it and move on. Which I plan on doing soon…

One last thing, if Damien Lamey doesn’t come out with some kind of full time sponsorship out of that weekend…. That kid put it in the Amain in everything he ran and beat some top end guys winning Stadium truck and placing top 5 the rest of them against the likes of Mayfield and Evans. Somebody pick this kid up.

That is all.

Peter Harrison


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