Oct 25

2015 Quebec Classic Winter Edition


Quebec Classic Winter Edition @ Offroad Circuit Téléguidé StHyacinthe is up !!

Same concept as the previous one : best drivers of the world (Savoya is already signed up, and more to come), maximum track time, maximum fun.

Classes : 2wd-4wd open / 2wd stock / Stadium Truck / SC 2wd-4wd

You can sign-up on Rcsignup : http://events.rcsignup.com/events/displayEvent.cfm?ID=4071

Prices : $50 1st class, $30 2nd and $20 3rd.

Thursday 5th : Optional Open practice and club race for $15
Friday 6th : Controlled practice
Saturday 7th : Qualifications
Sunday 8th : Mains

Informations : www.quebecclassic.com


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