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Stock Racing Issues


I absolutely love stock racing in both 2wd buggy and 2wd Sc.  The racing is so close and in general makes it easier to learn a track due to the fact that big triples and rhythm sections can only be done a certain way.  As well chassis setups tend to be more forgiving due to the lower speeds.

I have raced a few big races in stock class and have had my best results by far.  However while racing I noticed a few cars that were just so fast that I thought are they cheating?  At Motorama they checked to make sure you were running with in the weight allowed and that the battery was below 8.4 volts.  Yet there was still one guy that was so fast in SC stock it made no sense.  I did some research when I got back and found some tips and tricks about getting the buggy really light and well as getting the rotating mass of the tranny down to get as much from the motor to weight ratio.

At RCE I once again ran stock and there they made us take out our motors and painted the end bell to make sure it wasn’t tampered with as well they check the resistance of the motor to make sure nothing funky was done to the windings etc.  However once again I watched Kevin Tyler in the A main get passed like he was standing still.  It put no doubt in my mind that most of the A main guys had to be cheating.

Skip ahead a few months to the Reedy Race of Champions.  There I talked to a lot of guys/girls in my qualifying heats that all said they run stock normally and for sure that people were cheating but couldn’t prove it.  I had a very interesting conversation with a gentleman that was a step father to a certain someone that I had raced against in the past that I thought was cheating but couldn’t prove it.

This racer was sponsored just before one of the big races.  The racer went online and ordered a few motors through their race program.  When he got the motors he noticed that in the package were a few extra rotors that he didn’t ask for and weren’t on the receipt.  He proceeded to call the owner of the company and thank him for the extra gear.  The owner of the company said that is not extra, you have to replace the rotors with the other rotors I sent you and they are not on the receipt for a reason.   Long story short he said “if you don’t run those rotors you will not run for us”.  The rotors were specially made for stock racing and oversized past the standard allowed.  
This blew me away that an owner of a large company would force you to cheat!  According to the racer it happens with all motor companies as no one wants to be slow next to the cheater motor. That racer went on to win a lot.  After the big race wins his step father noticed that his son was very unemotional and proceeded to ask him why he wasn’t excited.  His son told him the story.  Since then the racer has moved onto mod racing and the issue no longer stands.  However it sure leaves a bad taste in my mouth that the cheating is at a Manufacture level that non sponsored racers would never find out about.

The fact that I made the B main at Motorama and almost bumped to the A is infuriating.   All those cheaters sitting in the A main means I had a chance at being there running off the shelf motors. 

So what are we as racers to do about this?  Tear down of all A main qualifying motors ?  Hand out motors that don’t leave the race track?  Max allowed torque and rpm?
What do you guys think?
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Words: Peter Harrison

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