Apr 29

SAR 2015 Summer on-road schedule


After a weekend meeting and vote here is the summer schedule for indoor carpet racing.


21.5 Sportsman
Realistic Grand Touring bodies only. No prototypes. If you don’t understand what this means google grand touring sedan race cars. Please do not show up with a GTP or grand touring prototype as it will not be legal. These typically have the driver in the middle of the car and have a wedge type body with lots of aero aids.
Tires are 24mm
Blinky esc
21.5 motor

2nd class SuperStox requires minimum 8 paid drivers to race. Please pay close attention to this rule as it will be enforced. My buddy is coming later will not make the cut if we start before they arrive.


May 8th
May 22nd
June 5th
June 19th
July 3rd
July 17th
July 31st
Aug 14th
Aug 28th
Sep 11th
Sep 25th-27th (Possible date for Onroad ROAR Nats)


Source: Mihai from the forum

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