Apr 29

Fredz Dynamic hobbies closing soon


All good things must come to an end..
Fred retired from the hobby shop business a few years back, but his dedication to his customers brought him back out of retirement a few years later. This time though, he won’t be coming back. Its a bitter sweet day I am sure for Fred.  I’ll miss just going in to hang out and just shoot the shit over any and all things rc.. Fred was alway very welcoming and  laid back.  I made friends with Fred and all the employees at Dynamic Hobbies over the years and even shared a hotel with a few of them 🙂  That’s how close we all became with Fred and everyone who worked there.. Not just a store, but a group of friends enjoying rc together… Fred you and your store will be missed and I wish you all the best..  Retirement….  It sounds so relaxing 🙂 One day I hope to join you

Here is Freds official announcement. Follow him on Facebook and the forum..

FredZ Newsletter and FredZ Friday Deal April 29,  2016

It is with a tear in my eye and a sigh of relief, I have to announce I am closing FredZ Dynamic Hobbies as of June 30, 2016.

We have had 24 years of RC fun, I have enjoyed the experience very much and the people I have met and helped. The saddest part of closing is leaving my loyal customers hanging,

We started Dynamic Hobbies when our west end hobby shop, Hobby Sports closed up in March 1992. We started with 5 partners that quickly went to 3 when we had to stump up the investment money. Doug Lambert was president, Clark Freeman was our store manager and Fred was extra help when needed. When we opened, business was very slow and we never made a dime for the first 5 years. We did have help from Michael Zufelt, Tyson Zufelt and Matthew Torunski. Once we seemed to hit our threshold on sales, our sales seemed to increase every year and Dynamic became a viable business..

We supported local R/C clubs by supplying race directing and the expensive AMB system, we also ran our own racing in the back, both On Road and Off Road. We introduced BIG prizes with our Off Road series “Pay Dirt” and our On Road series “Easy Street”. I believe we set the standard for BIG prizes.

On the Airplane side we sponsored every club that asked with at least a $100 prize. I think we peaked with the Dynamic Hobbies S.M.A.L.L. event, run by Ken Park, where I asked our distributors to kick in prizes. Finally the club that hosted this event complained there were too many prizes LOL.
Dynamic ran very smoothly with Fred, Neil and Michael at the front desk and Gordie and Steph receiving our parts.

In 2010, Gordie and Mihai bought the shop. things looked like they were running pretty well from the outside, however there was some turmoil behind the scene.

On July 1, 2013 I bought the shop back. I decided to rename it  FredZ Dynamic Hobbies, as I had no partners. This time I was running the show. I had forgotten how much my partners had shared the load and I have to say I found I was in over my head at the start. I had some really good help from Rob and Pierre who transformed the shop while I was thinking about it, including FredZ RC Zone that was something completely different and a lot of work from these guys  I really have to thank them for all their support. Guifang helped me set up the books then my wife Janice took over as bookkeeper.
Along came Isaac, he really took to selling and customer service, like a duck to water. When it was time for Isaac to head off to college Phil stepped up to the desk keeping everything neat and of course our customer service at our high standard. My good friend Ron became my morning support, he was the one I could count on for great customer service, support for the NEW drones and of course to open up on time every day. Our last employee on board is Austin, he has taken over Friday night and Saturday, maintaining our high level of customer support.

The biggest thanks has to go to my CUSTOMERS, not only for their support by sales, there are far too many to list that volunteered to help out with wherever was needed from donating equipment and time to work on the tracks and the store.

I just can’t say enough to thank you all.

My life is changing (I’m getting old) I want to enjoy my retirement with my wife. We have a lot of plans, RC fun will be at the top of my list. Now I can enjoy and not worry about business.
This is why I decided not to renew my lease and shut the business down.

I want to treat my customers to something nice, at a great price, so order up what you want and enjoy the savings. We are going to keep business as usual for May with TAXES OFF the whole store every day, even on special orders with FULL deposits. My last customer order will be 28th of May.

Once again THANK YOU !
Fred Zufelt

No Official fly Ins this weekend.
Watch for which weekends your club field has their clean up day. Most clubs have them in the next 2 or 3 weeks. It’s the old adage, many hands make light work.

Brent Norman, ORCC Chief flight instructor said ORCC will have flight school every Wednesday starting around 5pm. This is a great opportunity to learn how to fly your RC plane without crashing it as you learn the controls. This is one of the many advantages to joining a club. All the local clubs have a flight school check out their web site for details.

The weather is looking good for Saturday and Sunday so the local fields should be hopping with activity this weekend. I hope to hit the field this Saturday. Scratch that I hope to go flying this Saturday LOL

Find your local club field at maac.ca

RCO On  Road racing in Chesterville has announced The last race of the season will be May 8th. there is some talk for a ONE OFF, BIG race in the summer stay tuned for details
If Off Road Racing is your interest, Dirt Trax 1.9 in Greely has DNO race night (Daddy’s night out) every Wednesday night and practice every Friday The guys at Dirt Trax 1.9 are saying to enjoy every race as their lease runs out the end of May, with clean up, the middle of May will be the last race. You can check out the details of the racing and events on RCOTTAWAdot COM

FredZ Drift track – The track will be open for your use all  times the store is open. Typical drift days are Friday evening and Saturday. The track is open to other types of cars also, so come on out and enjoy the track in the back.
FredZ Dirt track is looking very good, lots of guys have been running on it all week. The dirt track is open to my customers at no cost. We ask you take care and clean up after your run.

New at FredZ
We are now into boat season, I have brought in some RTR boats from Proboat, everything from fast Brushless to fast Brushed ranging from $130 to $400.

The Spektrum NEW DX8 is out. We will have them in stock Friday.

We have fuel in stock, I have to say prices have gone up a bit, but I guarantee they will not change hourly like pump gas LOL

Another sought after product is Z-Poxy, we have the REAL thing in stock. 5 minute, 30 minute and finishing resin. These products are the BEST, easy to work with and foam friendly.

Float flying is going to be BIG this summer.
I have brought in the Tidewater and The Seawind by Flyzone RXR is in stock plus we have the Electra fly Beaver RXR ready to go off the runway or pond. PLUS we have the floats for your Super Cub, Sport Cub or Apprentice

If you need a double charger that is small, AC/DC and packs a punch for all types of batteries we will have BACK in stock the VENOM RACING PRO DUAL Charger These are limited supply and sell out from our distributors very quickly. Get yours this weekend.

We have the BEST quad racing Props. We have in stock a VERY good selection of Quad propellers from HQP they come in packs of 10 and average about $1.45 (package of 10) each all colours and sizes for your racing quad.

On Consignment at FredZ, after the Flea market I have a some real good stuff on Consignment. still looking for more –  bring in your good stuff
Some of these items are on their last week don’t miss out on some great deals
NEW this week :
– Hobby Zone Super Cub S, ready to fly – $200
– Rimfire Brushless motor and  ESC good for Test flite plane -$30
– DX5 transmitter and 6 channel receiver $50
– Aqua Craft, P-27 Gunslinger Crackerbox brushless Lipo ready RTR – $150
– if you are ready to get started flying RC. we have a FULL starter setup A great looking Hanger 9 P-51 PTS (progressive trainer System.) plus all the support equipment. It has a nitro engine, electric starter, flite box Realflite Simulator. everything – $450

– Triton charger with lipo balancer board -$30
-Intellipeak Ice charger does lipos fast charge – $20 each
-Tamiya Mo5 race car lots of upgrades – $150
-Kyosho  Caliber 30 Nitro Heli, ready to go fly great -$220
-ICON A5, bind to your spectrum TX water and land, some repairs- $130
– A Logo 10 Electric Helicopter this is about 550 size comes with everything ready to go including a 6S 3700mah LIPO – asking -$200

This is the last FredZ Friday Deal

From now until we close Taxes off the whole store, that is a 13% saving.
(taxes off not valid on discounted items, the deal is whichever is the best deal )

If we don’t have what you want we will order it, with FULL deposit. We deal in most of the popular brands of R/C products.

This deal if for the FULL month of May – we will order whatever you need at taxes off with FULL DEPOSIT

Enjoy your weekend and Have Fun with R/C
Fred Z

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