May 10

PRODUCT BUILD: MIP Roller Pucks, Bi-Metal Shiny Drive System TLR 22 3.0


I was extremely lucky to get my hands on this kit from Billy Sutton of MIP Racing. Part #15250

The one thing i miss from my touring car days was the blades used on the cva/universals that slid into the out drives. They kept slop to a minimum and gave you a nice direct connection from diff to the wheels… MIP has taken this concept to the offroad classes but stepped it up a notch by making the blade rollers. Taking out all the slop while eliminating a lot of the friction that a blade could develop as it got chewed into. This system should keep the out drives lasting much longer and they come with those sexy Shiny CVD’s!

I spoke to Billy about why the change to Bi-Metal out drives. This is what he had to say: “It lightens your diff by almost 30% and allows you to run steel out drives instead of the aluminum ones previously run with the plastic pucks
Also when you do get slop in an out drive you can replace just the drive reducing overall repair costs.
An added benefit the car transitions smoother from mid corner through exit due to the smoothness of the rollers … “

In other words its a puck system for mod motor racing but on a diet. 🙂 Cannot wait to try these out on race day. On the bench test they feel butter smooth..


The kits includes everything you require to make the conversion. Even fresh bearings. You must provide your own TLR Diff gear.



NOTE the alignment of the plastic insert. Use a flat head screw driver tip to align this perfectly with the cuts in the alluminum. This will ensure your completely centered and ready for the diff screw to thread straight. In the picture above i have not rotated it to the right spot yet.


Looking through the nut should be straight end to end if you got things lined up in the previous picture.

LOVE THE WHITE RETAINERS… If for some reason your grub screw was to come loose. These retainers will ensure the thing doesn’t fall apart mid run.


Installed into the buggy, there is no fear of anything slipping out of an out drive.  I opted not to use the included roll pins and used the TLR stainless pins as i use the clamping TLR hexes on my axles.

20160510_220318 20160510_220331 20160510_220345

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