Jun 14

Final weekend to get GFX Raceway ready for the first club race on June 22nd


Final weekend to get GFX Raceway ready for the first club race on June 22nd.
8am to Dark track work No Practice on Saturday is foreseen due to double drum work (Thinking Sunday for practice)

To Do List:
Double Drum Rental should be for Saturday (Maybe Sunday too) – 2-4 people needed to roll, rake, shovel & water the track
Install AMB wire and test laptop and sound. Install speakers – 1-2 people
Install wheelchair ramps one, two behind Driver’s Stand and build a platform by the gate – 1-2 people
Install Lights Emanuel & Shawn
Figure out how many more extension cords we need for the lights – 1 person
Finish the Wheelchair Stand (making it safe to use the second floor) – Kevin, Yves & others
Install Wheelchair lift/elevator to be used to access second floor – 2 people
Organize pit space and put out some tables and chairs and run extension cord to the area – 1 person Daragh & Aidan
Install banners – 1-2 people Daragh & Aidan
Install second half of Driver’s Stand or figure out if we need it or not? (if not… lets move it out of the way)
Build/Find a frame to hold mosquito netting over both driver’s stands or buy a pop up gazebo with netting

Please let us know if you can come out to lend us a hand with something on the list. It would be greatly appreciated!!!

We will provide a BBQ lunch if you come help and your next practice day will be free of charge

Week and a half before race time

LOCATION: 1120 Ted Kelly Lane Ottawa, ON

Post on the forum if you can help out.


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