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If you like racing on dirt, and love door to door action, Thursday nights at WORCS for our outdoor Summer Series is the place to be. Racing takes place on a scale 1/3 mile banked dirt oval, complete with lighting, and with an emphasis on true scale racing. We rework the track surface for each and every race day giving racers a new challenge almost every heat as the track surface changes, just like in 1-1 dirt racing. You want to sling dirt on the guy chasing you in second place, this is the place to do it!! Lap racing, caution flags, and rolling starts all add to the scale realism!! We race Short Course based 2wd chassis with Dirt Modified bodies, 13.5 motors and “blinky” mode on the esc. Our goal is to provide a light, fun and friendly atmosphere were great racing is key, but having fun is most important!!
We have a full timing system, complete with house transponders, audio system, and driver stand. Pitting is done inside our shop, were we are out of the sun and bugs and there is plenty of power and pit space available. Bring a table, chair and extension cord and your good to go!!
Can’t do Thursday…we also have a Saturday Night Special series which consists of 1 race per month and it’s own separate point series!!
WORCS can be found at 154 Wilbert Cox Drive near Carp Ontario, just 5min off the 417 at the Carp Rd exit.
Any further info can be found on our forum page





As usual doors will open at 5:30 racing will start at 7.

May 19 Regular Race program plus ***TWIN 50 lap modified features
May 26 Regular Race program.
June 2 Regular Race program.
June 9 Regular Race program.
June 11 Saturday night special.**
June 16 First night of new point series. Regular Race Program plus ***Twin 50 lap Modified Feature.
June 23 Regular Race program
June 30 Regular Race program. DOUBLE POINTS night.
July 7 Regular Race program plus ***Twin 50 lap Modified Feature
July 14 Racer Appreciation Night $5.00 race fee, Plus Hot Dogs and treats. Regular racing program.
July 16 Saturday night special.**
July 21 Regular race program plus 85 Lap Modified Feature
July 28 Regular race program.
August 4 Regular Race program. DOUBLE POINTS Night
August 11 Regular race program.
August 13 Saturday night special. **
August 18 Regular Race program plus ***TWIN 50 Lap Modified Feature
August 25 Regular Race program.
Sept. 1 Regular Race program
Sept. 8 Regular Race program plus 85 Lap Modified Feature.
Sept 15 Regular Race program. Last points race of the Series.
Sept 17 Saturday night special. **
October 15 Saturday Night Special **
Regular race program consists of:
SC Dirt Modified on the outdoor dirt oval 3 X 45 lap qualifiers plus a 60 lap main.

***Twin 50 lap Features will be run as follows…A-main drivers, as qualified, will run a single 50 lap feature. The race order will then be inverted with the winner of the first 50 lap feature starting at the back and so on, then the second 50 lap feature will be run…The points totals of both finishing positions will be totalled up to determine the winner.

**Saturday night special races will be evening racing. We will be single car qualifying for the front row of the feature race then a special qualifying format, 3 qualifiers at 35 laps , a last chance qualifying race at 15 laps, then a 60 lap feature. Saturday night racing will have a separate point series with one drop. Basic info can be found here…

This is the tentative schedule. Series winners will receive our much coveted Trophy Mug. ;D If there are any changes I will update above and post the change.

With an already established group of racers, the racing so far has been fantastic and there is always someone to race with!! New racers are always welcomed and even if you do not have a Modified body, or your motor doesn’t quit fit the rules, but you have an SC truck, come on down and give it a try we never turn new racers away!!
If you have any questions PM me or email at Worcracing@gmail.com.

See You At The Track!!

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