Sep 23

Drift Jams! October 1st, 2016 (Drift event / meet-up)

Drift Jams – Official Drift Meet-up (October 1st around 4PM to COB)

New drift event, mark your calendars. 
When? Saturday October 1st, we will target 4PM to closing but the premises are open all business day

Who? Drift club regulars, visitors and potential new friends

What do you guys drift? Mostly RWD but we have some 4WD and CS (counter steering), come and see us!

Car setup? Regulars are using similar tire setups, a soft compound by MST Tires, e.g.: for RWD, I use gold fronts and green backs. You could try HPI T-drift if you have nothing else at the time. NO outdoor drift tire allowed to avoid tear

Can I drift AND crawl too? Sure, you can bring your crawler too but note that it’s an official drift fun date

How much is it? $5 for the day or $20 for a month pass (in this case, October)

What if I’m hungry? Food available on site at Bistro Max

What do I need? Bring your car, charger, tools, power bar or extension power cord (note that tables are on site)

Where is it? Midway Family Fun Park at: 2477 Kaladar Ave. (Bank and Heron intersection), Ottawa, K1V 8B9

Website [url=][/url]

Facebook group: [url=][/url]
Thanks and I hope to see you drifters out there!

NOTE that Midway Family Fun Park is our host. It is a family-oriented place with children in lower age. We are expected to be respectful and help keep this place SAFE for those children. If any child or parent inquire about RCs, want to try your cars, want to touch or they find their way into our RC zone, please respectfully refer them to a MIDWAY employee to assist them with questions or needs. We are our own “club” and not affiliated with rental services.

Drift Jams! October 1st, 2016 (Drift event / meet-up)

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