Dec 18

Midway closing RC Drift Zone and rental program

Last minute news

Midway Family Fun Park (aka Midway or Midway Drift/Crawler Track) quickly and unexpectedly made important staff changes. As a result, they are under a new management and owner.
Last Sunday (Dec 11), by chance, we happened to be at the track. We got abruptly updated on the situation, as well as their intention to shut down the RC area as of January 1st … to use the space for something else. At the same time, said new management was not aware of our existence (patrons, aka Ottawa RC Drifters and the rest of the RC Community as a whole), and they were not aware of their own RC pass program (daily and monthly passes). In fact, they simply assumed the RC area was solely used for the Midway RC rental program, for which they were not too happy with hosting (costs, staff, knowledge, breakage, etc).
A prompt situation update and an attempt to demonstrate that we brought a minimum financial value (food, passes, free promo via videos, other exposure, etc) to their RC Zone was not conclusive enough to re-evaluate their decision to shut down the track. We even offered cost estimates and alternative business proposals. The management listened to what we had to say, relayed the input to the owners but all was in vain.
Here is what is effective immediately for Midway’s:

•   The RC area will be open until sometime in January 2017 but aiming to shut down

•   There will NOT be any new month pass (RC membership)

•   Existing monthly memberships will be honored until their expiry date

•   Daily track fees are increased to $15+taxes/day (from $5+taxes/day) until the track shuts down

•   The crawler trail area may remain open after January for a lower fee, but that has yet to be confirmed by Midway Management (information not available)

•   Upon closing the RC track, the current runway/track RC area will be replaced and will host other Midway type attractions
Future of RC drifting and local spots
Although Midway Drifting is closing, Drifting will continue. We have keen enthusiasts of RC drifting in Ottawa/Gatineau area, including both regulars and “newbies”. Anyone that wants to get into drift is always welcome. We found the best chassis to use and we enjoy driving sideways, as well as playing with anything RC related (we’re no one-trick pony).

As far as other venues, while we do not have any PUBLIC track at this time, we do have members who built PRIVATE tracks, and some meet-ups are still happening. For example, the “Drift Cave Rc Track” and Juan’s home track. Please respect the individual track owners (it’s their house, their rules, after all) as no official information is available at this time.
Special events
If there is interest in official drift parties, we can plan and rent one-time events for a day and setup temporary tracks. Those parties usually have overwhelming atmosphere.
Keep your hopes up and see you all soon!
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