Feb 19

PRODUCT BUILD: TLR 2wd Aluminium gear diff TLR332067

I have been after a proper TLR branded gear diff for years.  We always had the Losi branded rtr gear diff as an option. It worked really well but leaked for some people myself included. Even when it was not leaking I found the out drives to wear and notch out way to fast..

When the 3.0 was released Dave Henry (TLR DRIVER) was one of the first to use the Losi gear diff in it. Some file and dremel work was required to shaved down one side to stop the rub. Other third party companies offered a machined plate as an option..  And some of us used Serpent SRX 2 Gear Differential with some shimming. It was time TLR released a revised gear diff.

Based off the 22-4 2.0 gear diff design this thing should do very well. With an alloy body and replaceable gear they went all out. And its street price came in around the price of the mostly plastic Serpent option  I have yet to see so much as a hint of leakage on my 2 diffs in my 22-4 2.0 and they are as smooth as the day I built the buggy.

This diff is a drop in replacement for all 2wd 22 series buggies and trucks.

Here are some pics of the new diff being built with some notes along the way..

Stay tuned for motor spray use..

Everything you need is included

Motor spray flush all these parts and dry completely

Probably the most important step when building this diff is properly de-greasing these parts.  Loads of torque go through the diff and to ensure lock tight locks out drives to the diff gear shaft you must start clean..

Here is a build video from TLR’s Frank Root.  He walks us through the 4wd gear diff build here

De-greased and dry

Shiny side down to the o-ring

Dull side with slight ruff edge towards the gear

I am not sure it matters but I felt the smooth side should but against the o-ring.  The sharp edge of the other side of this washer I left up against the gear.  Just to avoid any sharp edge to o-ring contact..

Wipe off that excess black grease.

As per Frank Root…  Fill the hole with lock tight and work the grub screw into the outdrive. This ensures complete thread lock contact. This is the step that is going to prevent it from coming apart.

Grub screw flat spot

I haven’t had the 4wd diff apart but I’m wondering if the grub screw is the same.. This has a nice flat spot ground into it. This has to help in locking things together tight. This could be a running change.  I’m not sure.

Out drives locked in place

The included 30000 fluid will give u just enough to fill the diff once.. The instructions however do not tell you how much to use.  If you skipped Franks video above, he said to fill part way rotate gears and fill just so it’s halfway filled. You want to keep the gasket surface dry and leave room for the other sides gear to mate with the others.  If u have fluid oozing out the sides and screw holes you used to much.

A thing of beauty

Other side of gear

Follow torque pattern

Other side

Finished product




Stock ball diff

RTR losi diff filled with 7k

Filled with 30k

Well there it is. TLR once again responds to its customers wants and needs. I hope to give this thing a run this week on the astro turf. Your looking for TLR332067 when your order this part from your local hobby shop.

Check out #22EMPIRE on FB when you get a chance. A great community to follow with regular visits from TLR drivers.

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