Apr 10

Nepean BMX track rules


2017 UPDATE: Nepean BMX have confirmed r/c cars are welcome on the track. The do as that you stay off the track if it is wet and muddy.

Over the past few summers the question has been raised about permission to use the Barhaven BMX track for RC use.  I reached out to NBA to get clarification. Here is what they had to say:

The track is open to public, but is specific for bike use and BMX racing events. The RC community does not have permission to run any events at this facility without written approval from our Association. If RC members wish to use the facility informally, then please respect the following: 1. Do not use it when people on bikes are using it, 2. Do not use it when it is wet. 3. Do not stand on top of the corners or any sides of the jumps. 4. This facility is ran entirely by volunteers, if your members are using it, then it would be appreciated if they help out with the maintenance of the facility. We have often seen many RC members out there not respecting the facility, so they need to understand that volunteers are repairing the damage they may cause. Respect is all we ask, and we are more than willing to allow use of the facility.

So just as you would at any location you run your RC vehicles use common sense get permission and follow the rules.

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