Apr 14

Schumacher Cougar KC vs. Schumacher Cougar KF2

This write up is a comparison/review of the Schumacher Cougar KC vs. Schumacher Cougar KF2. I’ve been running the KF2 for the past 2 seasons and have had a lot of success with it. Locally we race on astro-turf, which is high grip at an indoor location with a tight layout. Below is an image to give you an idea of the current track layout this review is about.

I got the KC just days before the next and final race for the season at Dirt Trax and wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to make the race with it or not. I was hesitant as I knew I would have little time to setup the KC and my KF2 was already running very well. I decided to build it and race it though. As a starting point I ran the same setup that I was running on my KF2 (Low Grip Conversion). So this would be Position 2 on the new KC. I also ran only stock items that came with the kit on the KC (outside of the front wing), while my KF2 is fully decked out with all upgrades (including MIP Shiny Drive system). Ignore the ugly paint, also I ran the KD body as the other is getting painted by someone that can actually paint bodies.

I got to run the KC for about 8 minutes before the race started and that gave me at least sometime to see how it handled and I could make a few changes before the race (main change was using the large front wing and gear down the motor).

The setup for the KC can be seen here:


I found my KC didn’t feel as fast during practice, but my lap times were much faster then the KF2 (even in my initial practice). I feel the main gain was from the corner speed, so although it didn’t feel as responsive in the turns I was able to maintain higher speeds through them. This was especially faster when I got use to it. The rest I found very similar to the KF2.

At the previous race with the KF2 I had a very solid qualifier so my goal initially was to be around the same pace with the new KC.

The results were interesting though as I was consistently around 3% faster with the new KC.

Item Schumacher Cougar KF2 Schumacher Cougar KC
Overall time 27 laps 5 min 0.35 sec 28 laps 5 min 8.42 sec
Fastest lap 10.63 10.45
Top 5 avg 10.75 10.56
Top 10 avg 10.85 10.63
Top 15 avg 10.91 10.70
Top 20 avg 10.97 10.76
Race avg 11.12 11.01
Consistency (std dev) 0.34 0.47

Lap graph showing visual comparison for the top 12 laps of each race. Yellow line is the KC, while blue is the KF2. With these results you can clearly see a consistent improvement in lap times.

Overall I feel both buggies are very good, but to my surprise the new KC (stock) was faster right out of the box compared to the KF2 (full upgrades) that I worked on setup on this layout for the last 5 weeks.

Source: Matt Stacey

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