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The long awaited Tekno RC EB410 TKR6500

The long awaited Tekno RC EB410 TKR6500

Build Review and First Race

By: Shawn Fraser Tekno RC Team driver – Ottawa, ON, CANADA – Sunday October 22nd, 2017

I pre-ordered my kit directly from the www.teknorc.com website in September 2017 and therefore received from the first batch of kits made.  

Tekno had made four times more kits then they had ever made for a new kit release.  Currently now in October they have sold out.  

Next batch of kits hopefully within the month.  Spare and option parts are already available in & on order at Tekno RC or your local hobby shop.

I acquired the kit on Thursday Oct. 12th and wanted it built over the weekend in hopes to have it all ready for Wednesdays Club racing @ GFX Raceway.


On to the build…

Pictured below is what you receive out of the box

As with most kits you build from scratch, you start off with the differentials.

Bag A was the Centre Diff. that you fill with 15,000 cst oil.  

As you can see there is no slipper to adjust on this vehicle. The gears slide right down a rail as pictured below.

Bag B was the front and rear diffs.  15,000 cst for the front and 7,000 cst for the rear.

Tekno recommends running 3-4 battery packs and replace the oil.

Then after using the buggy again, evaluate if you need to adjust the weight of the oil.

Bag C was on to the front bulk head and steering parts.

Make sure these are Loctite tight.

Tekno also recommends to add black grease to the gear; this makes the metal on metal quieter and keeps it running smooth.

Same type of build for the rear Bulk Head.  8mm thick shock tower.

If you think that is big, wait till you see the 10mm front tower.  Here is both bags completed.

Next is the beefy arms, hinge pins, turn buckles, aluminum holders with adjustable inserts and the sway bar.  

Note there is also grub screws to capture the hinge pin.  This is in case something breaks you won’t lose parts.

Fancy reverse bellcrank and beefy front shock tower installed

Now comes time to start bolting things onto the 7075 CNC Machine and lightened Hard Anodised 3mm Chassis.

The front bulkhead and bumper is first.

Then was the centre brace, front drive shaft and centre split diff. housing.

Next up was the body mount and rear chassis braces. The rear braces can be removed if you would like more chassis flex.

Onto the monster 13mm emulsion shocks with aluminum adjuster nut.

Fancy shock pistons.  1.7 for the front and 1.8 for the rear all on 500 cst oil.

I used some green slime to build the shocks.  

I recommend you don’t tighten the bottom cap down until you have slid the shock shaft in; you don’t want to tear into the seals.

The only note I can say for the great shock building instructions in the manual is that the

shock caps went on easy for me by turning them counter clockwise until the threads sat into place.

Note below the lower locking shock rod end & spring perch.  Shouldn’t lose that during a race…

Shocks installation, make sure you note that the lower shock bolts are different than the other.  

The silver one is reverse threaded in hopes that it should never come out on its own.

Mechanical parts completed

Onto the electrical, you have an option of two servo mounts depending if you are using a standard or low profile servo.  

The kit comes with the three standard sized servo horns however since those are a known week point,

I decided to modify the one I had on hand until the Aluminum Tekno servo horn is in stock. TKR6563A


The motor mount is simple to use and can accommodate the smallest pinion, all the way up to 33 teeth.

I mounted the transponder in front of the servo.


With the electronics so close to one another in this kit, I decided to shorten the leads to the receiver.

I find it is a cleaner look then having wires zip tied together and in the way.

After painting the body and adding wheels and tires, here is the final product.


-First run-

I was able to get the kinks out with a quick practice battery run on Tuesday evening thanks to the GFX Raceway Crew!


Also to note that our friend Daragh Slowey built the other EB410 spare car. His thoughts are posted on the forum.

Racing the new buggy

It felt stable and confidence inspiring in corners where I was able to take the “S” section of the track fast.

It accelerated quickly down the straight and surprisingly stayed straight as an arrow no matter how hard I got on the throttle.

It jumped as it should and landed pretty well.  

Overall I’m very happy with my new 4wd buggy.  Impressed with how nice of a build it was.  

Then racing it box stock on the Wednesday night, TQ’ing and winning the A main and Daragh finishing second with the EB410.


A+ Tekno!

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