Apr 21

2014 SAR Off Road schedule is ready!


After a long 18 month Ottawa winter, Spring has finally sprung! Its OFF-ROAD SEASON BABY!!! Billy and the guys at Sutton Aviation Raceway have been working hard to get things ready. If all the peices line up this week, the tent should be up and racing should start next Wednesday night! If you have some time to spare …

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Mar 22

Product Review: Durango DETC410


I’m excited to un-box my first touring car in a couple years!  The Team Durango DETC410 has finally arrived and I believe it was worth the release date push-backs!  Here is my build and impressions of it. First off, it is packaged like any modern car that I’ve built to date.  Lettered bags for each …

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Mar 18

RC Result Analyzer Online Released!


RC Result Analyzer Online is now released! This new release gives racers the ability to upload and download race results from the internet! It can be downloaded on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rc.analyzer.packagename The RC Result Analyzer tool was created to easily view, compare and share race results from remote control car races that are using RC Scoring …

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Mar 10

PRODUCT REVIEW: MIP Pucks, Shiny Drive System, Schumacher Cougar KR/SV2

For years now one of the biggest complaints I always received about the SV2 and KR was concerning the ball diff. Although I never had issues with the ball diffs I got in touch with Mr. Matt Olson from MIP and worked closely with Matt over the past year on the new project. I was …

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Mar 06



What we have here is the Yokomo B-Max4 III and a quick overview of the build. Like other brands of RC car companies, all parts are grouped together in a single bag according to the assembly steps. The first step of assembly is to put the side skirts, battery posts, front and rear a-arm mounts …

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Feb 08



March 14, 15, 16 / 2014 Tentative Event Schedule (subject to change) OFFICIAL WEBSITE  Forums chatter. Friday Sign In – 8:00am-4:00pm Controlled Practice – 9:00am-4:40pm Drivers meeting – 4:40pm Round 1 of qualifying – 5:00pm-9:00pm Resort after Round 1 Saturday Open Practice – 6:30-7:55am Round 2-4 of Qualifying – 8:00am-12:00 Resort after Round 2 – …

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Jan 20

RCO/SAR 1/10th Scale Indoor On-Road Racing

SAR indoor 1

In a previous article of mine I focused on the LaTrax racing on Wednesday night at FredZ Dynamic Hobbies. In this article I would like to focus on how lucky we are in Ottawa as we also have at our disposal a top notch indoor on-road racing facility. The RC community in Ottawa has been …

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Jan 19

Fun In the Zone: FREDZ RC Zone that is!

picture 1

The back room at FredZ Dynamic Hobbies is like a second home to me. For about 16 years I and other members of the Scale Slot Racers of Ottawa (SSRO) spent Wednesday nights racing slot cars on the 150 foot eight lane track the club had constructed in room we rented from the hobby shop. …

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Jan 09

Product Build: Team Associated TC6.2


Tadamm ! Here it is, the new TC6.2 from Team Associated (AE). After few months of development and testing, AE got their new TC car on the market just in time for a fresh year that will have another world championship and AE think that they have the car to win it! I just finished …

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Jan 02

Options to Deal with New MyLaps RC4 Decoder System


Options to Deal with New MyLaps RC4 Decoder System By: Dan Lanthier Many racers are aware that MyLaps (formerly AMB) has a virtual monopoly on RC scoring systems and transponders. Their only real competition has been a small company in England, MRT, which made transponders which were compatible with the MyLaps scoring systems. MyLaps recently …

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