Jul 03


carp oval

If you like racing on dirt, and love door to door action, Thursday nights at WORCS for our outdoor Summer Series is the place to be. Racing takes place on a scale 1/3 mile banked dirt oval, complete with lighting, and with an emphasis on true scale racing. We rework the track surface for each …

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Jun 14

Final weekend to get GFX Raceway ready for the first club race on June 22nd


Final weekend to get GFX Raceway ready for the first club race on June 22nd. 8am to Dark track work No Practice on Saturday is foreseen due to double drum work (Thinking Sunday for practice) To Do List: Double Drum Rental should be for Saturday (Maybe Sunday too) – 2-4 people needed to roll, rake, …

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Jun 08

Drone pilots..stay away from airports…


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May 27

Huckin’ in the Valley – 3D flying event at Arnprior RC Club – May 28. 29

https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ercottawa%2Ecom%2Fforum%2Findex%2Ephp%3Ftopic%3D19421%2E0&share_tid=19421&share_fid=45971&share_type=t Huckin’ in the Valley – 3D flying event at Arnprior RC Club – May 28. 29 For those who are interested in RC airplanes, this will be a great event to come and check out!  Lot’s of giant scale aerobatic planes doing crazy things all weekend long!  Even though the weather looks a little …

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May 10

PRODUCT BUILD: MIP Roller Pucks, Bi-Metal Shiny Drive System TLR 22 3.0


I was extremely lucky to get my hands on this kit from Billy Sutton of MIP Racing. Part #15250 The one thing i miss from my touring car days was the blades used on the cva/universals that slid into the out drives. They kept slop to a minimum and gave you a nice direct connection …

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May 10

PRODUCT REVIEW: Xiro Xplorer V Camera Drone Overview – Phantom ‘Killer’


Here is another great un-boxing and first flight video from forum regular Netcruzer. If you have questions hit him up on his thread. Here’s my video overview of the Xiro https://youtu.be/BD9sD1OLl-c Here is flight footage: https://youtu.be/NqNS0qWfZWQ It’s a really good quad, excellent design, and a good value compared to DJI/Solo/Parrot/Yuneeq/Blade Chroma  

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May 10

PRODUCT REVIEW: Traxxas Slash 4×4 #68086-21


Here is a nice un-boxing video done by  Netcruzer from the forum. Follow his thread for more updates. Be sure to check out is channel for other cool content. I got hooked on hobby grade RC and racing thru Traxxas in the mid-90s.  Stadium Trucks, Buggies, Nitro, On-Road, TRX PRO stuff, back when Traxxas used to actually compete …

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May 05



Off Road Racing EVERY WEDNESDAY NITE Starting June FORUM SECTION CLASSES: -2wd Buggy MOD -17.5 Blinky SC Truck -4wd Buggy MOD -E-buggy 1/8th -4wd SC Truck MOD Make sure all cars are DIRTY as we are running on a dirt / clay surface LOCATION: 1120 Ted Kelly Lane Ottawa, ON 4pm open 6:30pm Qualifying Starts 9pm …

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May 05

Dirt Trax 1.9 open till JUNE


Good news! Dirt Trax will be open for at least 5 more races! GET out and race while you can. Once DT closes that will be it for indoor off-road till at least the fall.

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Apr 29

Fredz Dynamic hobbies closing soon


All good things must come to an end.. Fred retired from the hobby shop business a few years back, but his dedication to his customers brought him back out of retirement a few years later. This time though, he won’t be coming back. Its a bitter sweet day I am sure for Fred.  I’ll miss …

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